ZMT Tailpiece

Enhanced sound production

ZMT is a revolutionary tailpiece design for instruments of the violin family. It dramatically enhances sound production, allowing you to discover and enjoy your instrument's full potential.

By generating more symbiotic vibrations between the strings, bridge and the sound post, ZMT creates more resonance throughout the whole body of the instrument. As a result, your instrument is more responsive, produces a broader spectrum of overtones and a more balanced timbre.

Broader overtone spectrum

Extended string afterlength reflects more energy which enriches and supports the basic tone. This results in a richer, more profound and extended vibration across the entire overtone series. The tone evolves faster, carries better and lasts longer as a consequence of that extended vibration.

Faster and clearer response from your instrument

With ZMT, your instrument responds faster to vibration and reaches optimal resonance with much less effort. Slightest change in bowing produces a different sound immediately, which makes playing more intuitive and searching for that perfect sound much easier.

Wider dynamic range

Besides offering more resonance for a richer and more powerful fortissimo and adding color and stability to your pianissimo, you gain more control over volume and tone color throughout the dynamic range.

From softest to loudest, ZMT opens up new possibilities for your instrument.

Reduction of wolf tones

Many instruments suffer from wolf tones (tones with highly amplified overtones, caused by instrument's natural resonance) or "dead" tones which carry less and have no sustain. ZMT helps reduce these differences by making a more stable and evenly dispersed sympathetic string vibration across the entire tonal range. Although every instrument resonates differently, we have confirmed a significant reduction of wolf tones after installing ZMT in more than 80% of cases.