ZMT Endpin for violin and viola

ZMT Endpin.
The easiest way to
adjust the tailgut.

Changing the tailgut length to find better sound used to take much time and patience.

Now you can do it in minutes.

ZMT endpin™ is a rotating endpin for violin and viola which allows you to adjust the position of your tailpiece with a simple turn of a key. This affects the sound and vibration response significantly, giving you the possibility to find a whole new range of sound characteristics and aesthetics which lay hidden within your instrument.

How it works

Tailgut length defines the space from the saddle to the tailpiece and also the string afterlength (the string length between the tailpiece and the bridge).

Changing the length affects your instruments vibration response considerably, which in turn offers you a world of new options while playing.

A perfect fit

Each endpin comes with a range of wooden adjusters in different sizes and tapers. This makes fitting a breeze, since no cutting or sanding is needed.