• Stefan Milenkovich
      ZMT is truly a revolutionary product that enhances the natural potential of every instrument. Your violin achieves an amazing resonance that fills any hall with truly remarkable sound. The violin becomes easier to play as well, requiring less effort for more volume. First time you try it, it's guaranteed to put a smile on your face!  
    world-renowned violinist
  • Trey Lee
      The ZMT has made an unfathomable difference for my cello. In fact, its immediate impact has opened up a whole new world of possibilities on the instrument. Thank you!  
    using Comte de Gabriac by Matteo Goffriller
  •   This tailpiece is incredible. The wolf tone on the G-sharp is no longer a problem and the instrument sounds much better.  
  •   Thank you so much for your wonderful tailpieces! It seems like a miracle!  
  • Máté Szűcs
      Your tailpiece gives real hope to most string players for reaching ideal sound.  
    1st principal viola
    Berliner Philharmoniker
  • Saskia Schouten
      ZMT tailpieces give my instruments a much clearer sound that carries more. Their projection is better and they seem to play easier because of the directness of the sound.  
  •   Thank you for putting your magic invention on my violin!  
  • Garth Knox
      The New tailpiece opens up the full resonance of the bottom string, and on this rich and firm foundation, the upper strings can strengthen their harmonic roots from the bottom upwards to reach for the sky with their shining clear bright high overtones. My viola and I have greatly gained from this experience.  
  •   I have used a ZMT tailpiece for quite a while and for me it has become an irreplaceable accessory. Not only did it eliminate the wolf-tones and enhance the tonal properties of any instrument I have played on in the past four years (modern or antique), but it gave and continues to give me a great deal more freedom of musical expression. Thank you Zoran!!!  
    plays a 1789 Joseph Gagliano viola
  • Aleksandra Kaspera
      OMG! I had to start with this exact abbreviation. Received my very own ZMT cello tailpiece about a month ago and after installing it, I could not recognize my cello's sound. What is this convincing and free sound? Every string has such a nice, free sound. I could not be happier! Before it was always difficult to get the color of the sound i was looking for, and get the free sound - as weird as it might sound, I had to work double as hard on that. Wolfs are gone, and now i can forget the problems of my cello and concentrate on pure music making. This piece of art is a pure creation of a genius and the sound is as gorgeous as this tailpiece looks! ZMT, Thank you!  
    Aleksandra Kaspera
  •   Installed it on my violin with amazing results! Surprisingly, even the e string gets enhanced sound even though it keeps it original length. And it looks beautiful. Congratulations for a really good and beautiful design.  
    Jim Boistrup
    Swedish folk music violinist
  • Lloyd Goldstein
      Dear Friends at ZMT,

    I am writing to let you know that your tailpiece has indeed improved the sound and response of my bass. I play a 200 year old Tyrolian instrument that has always had a beautiful sound, but now is greatly improved with the help of your product. The sound is more open, brilliant, sustaining and resonant. There are no longer seeming conflicts between harmonics on different strings. The bass feels and sounds more in tune and the tone is much more clear. There are virtually no 'bad' notes on the bass, I can play almost anywhere without having to adjust my technique nearly as much in challenging registers. The tailpiece is fantastic! The workmanship is excellent and it works wonders on my instrument. I am interested to see what it does on my modern instrument sometime soon.

    Yours Gratefully,

    Lloyd Goldstein
    Certified Music Practitioner
    Moffitt Cancer Center Tampa FL
    Formerly bassist with The Florida Orchestra, Tampa
  •   Ich kann's nur empfehlen. Es ist eine völlig neue Innovation, die gut durchdacht ist und rein physikalisch gesehen auch gut nachvollziehbar ist. Ich habe die letzten 3 Konzerte damit gespielt und eine Art "Turbo-effekt" punkto Klang festgestellt.  
    violist, violinist and singer
  •   My double bass develops unimaginable volume with this tailpiece!  
    Georg Hörtnagel
  • Yuval Gotlibovich
      Dear Zoran, I am using your tailpiece for three years by now. I am delighted by the result and I am thankful for that. It works wonderfully in solo playing with orchestra, in recital and in chamber music. I enjoy the rich forte sound and what I love even more is the effortless, projective and colourful soft spectrum. I keep seeing dramatic positive changes with many string instruments through your tailpiece. I recommend any string player looking for their best sound to give it a try.