ZMT for Double bass

ZMT for Double bass

Package includes:

  • Detailed instructions, materials and tools for easy setup
  • A Kevlar tailgut

To find out more about ZMT tailpieces, please visit the about page or read our FAQ section.

* - most double bass E strings are long enough for use with ZMT. Some bigger 4/4 double basses might need an elongated string. For these instruments we suggest ordering the elongated 4th string, custom made for ZMT by Thomastiktm or using the widely available low C strings (originally intended for C-extensions).
If you do not select a string below, you will have to order a string separately or have it custom made by your string maker.

Product Options

Double bass E string extended

Some double-bass E strings are too short for use with ZMT. That is why we offer you specialized, elongated Belcanto E strings, custom made for ZMT by Thomastik-Infeld.